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  Nouvel Herpes Virus Elephant

samedi 7 juillet 2007

Extrait du Zoo Vet Forum ISIS

- On June 8, the Woodland Park Zoo lost a 6 1/2-yr-old female Asian elephant after an approximately 8-day period of mild signs of colic. Antemortem testing did not indicate a specific disease concern nor suggest a severe illness or possiblity for death. Antemortem blood PCR performed on day 3 of illness was negative for EEHV (Asian and African).

- Gross postmortem and histologic findings from Dr. Mike Garner identified vascular lesion suggestive of a herpesvirus infection, with endothelial intranuclear inclusions present. Tissue PCR performed postmortem was again negative for EEHV. Additional PCR testing performed at the EEHV lab under the direction of Dr. Laura Richman identified a newly discovered elephant herpesvirus, genetically distinct from previously identified elephant herpesviruses, as the cause of death.

Additional samples were also sent to Cornell and UF for viral diagnostics. EM and IHC are pending.

Drs. Michelle Miller and Scott Terrell of the elephant SSP have been notified and a similar alert will be posted by WPZ on the elephant listserve.

Information is still preliminary at this time, but we felt we should alert the elephant and veterinary community to this new virus.

Kelly Helmick, DVM, MS, Dipl ACZM Interim Director of Animal Health Woodland Park Zoo 601 North 59th Street Seattle, WA 98103 office : 206-684-5207 fax : 206-684-4873 email :

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